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10 Benefits of Arts and Crafts For Kids

by lanaj (follow)
Marketing Executive for Paul's Removals Melbourne, addicted to interior design, arts and crafts, author of ihatecleaning.com.au/ and a believer
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How often do you consider academic pursuits, marks and achievements as more important than arts and crafts? Well, what if I told you that raising a creative, imaginative and handy little person is sometimes a lot more important. I will even base it on recent findings that there is a 56% increase in the sector of handy jobs and salaries too (Forbes 2013). It turns out that the ability to craft a quality end product pays even more than a college degree.
But why is that? Why do crafts have so many developmental benefits for children?

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1. Crafting almost always provides a stable foundation for future learning. Just like every other subject your child studies at school, there is always place for improvement and learning when it comes to arts and crafts.

2. One of the most important aspects of learning to craft is the self-esteem boost. To teach your child to sew, knit or draw for instance, is to teach them to create. It is about showing your kid they are in control of their environment. Holding a familiar tool in their tiny hand will build a great deal of confidence.

3. Through crafts children can learn self-regulation. Projects that require drying, require also waiting. What is cool though, is that waiting will be worth it and your kids will be satisfied with the end result of all their efforts.

5. Crafts teach flexibility. Opposite to maths, there is no wrong way to approach crafts. They teach children that there is more than one way to utilize their creativity and talents and there are always more than one right answers. Isn't it the same in life?

6. Crafts promote bilateral coordination. This means that they use both their hands, which will be useful later in life when they learn how to tie their shoes, or other more handy tasks.

7. Crafts promote bonding. Creating something together will definitely improve your relationship and will create memories for a lifetime. Arts also build community. Your child might join a class, or workshop in school and find friends who have similar interests and talents.

8. Arts and crafts are a great platform for self-expression. Just like all of us, kids need to express themselves and as they grow their identity will be more in need of manifestation. Through arts and crafts they will be able to communicate it visually in a very healthy way.

9. Your child will practice problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, while encountering with different challenges and projects. Solving these will teach your kid resourcefulness.

10. Arts and crafts could be practised everywhere - at home, in public, at school, on the road. Heck, I even knit in the car! Increasing your child’s exposure to creative endeavours will help raise your child’s IQ.
Some rules for you:

Don't be too complex - otherwise you will lose them.
Allow time and space - children will acquire a new skill at their own pace. Don't be too demanding and give them time to get used to it. Be patient and persistent always.

Don't isolate them - arts and crafts are a great way to spend some free play time, especially on a rainy day, but don't just shove the pencils and colour books in their hands, so you could have some time alone. Engage with them - this will make the whole process a lot more exciting.

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