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How to Create a Magical Christmas Snow Globe

by lindsay olsen (follow)
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Time: 5 minutes, excluding waiting time.†
Age: 5-10ís†
Level: Easy†

Christmas isnít just a day Ė itís a season. And if you want to make the most out of this festive time with the little ones, try preparing some crafts you can do together. Just remember that itís not about making decorations as much as itís about making memories. So itís okay to keep the crafts easy, regardless of your childrenís skill level.

The instructions below are for a Christmas tree snow globe, but feel free to replace the tree figurine with anything else. Santa, Rudolph or Christmas ornaments work well. Thereís a good chance youíll find something around the house, but you can also browse the shelves of your local craft store for ideas. And since you can use any type of air-tight container, start by looking for one around the house. If that doesnít work, you can easily find bottles and jars elsewhere.

Upside down jar - snowglobe


Mason jar (or any other type of jar will do)
Waterproof craft glue
Vegetable Glycerin
Miniature Christmas tree figurine


Remove the lid from the jar and set the jar aside.
Place the jar lid upside down on your work surface. Use your waterproof craft glue to glue the miniature Christmas tree figurine to the inside of the jar lid.
Once your glue is dry, grab your glitter and glycerin. Pour a tablespoon or so of glitter into the jar, and then add water until the jar is about two-thirds full.
Add a few drops of vegetable glycerin to the water in the jar. This is to make the water denser, so the glitter doesnít fall as fast.
Outline the top of the jar with glue. Itís okay to have a heavy hand here, as long as the glue isnít dripping down the glass.
Replace the lid as tightly as you can, and then glue along the seam between the lid and the jar. This will help make your snow globe watertight.

Allow the glue to dry thoroughly and youíll be ready to shake your snow globe.

Hereís what you can do with your snow globe:

If youíre like most of us, you may be embarrassed to admit how many hours of entertainment youíd get out of shaking a snow globe. The good news is that you can keep your secret safe. There are tons of other ways you can use your new snow globe. For example, have you ever thought of using one as a timer? Sure, the timing isnít precise, but thatís part of the allure. It could be a fun game to play with the kids. Try standing still or keeping quiet until the last piece of glitter has dropped. Snow globes also make great gifts and beautiful additions to a holiday centerpiece.

PRO TIP: If youíre planning to use the snow globe as a centerpiece or to decorate a mantle, consider varying the jar heights and including different types of figurines to add interest.

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