Magic Ladder

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This is a fun activity for young children. It can be a colourful way to portray family photos or pictures.
Parental guidance is advised.

Time: 30-40 minutes preparation time
Age: Over 10s
Level: Hard

12 cardboard pieces. I have used 5cm x 7cm
Coloured or decorative papers
3 long ribbons at least a metre long of 0.5cm width

Simple materials

Cover the cardboard pieces in different decorative papers.

Divide into 2 stacks of 6 pieces each.
On one stack make markings in pencil.
Divide the breadth of each piece at 0.5cm, 2.5cm and 4.5 cm. These will be the guidelines.

Place a piece with markings on the work table. Apply thin lines of glue along the guidelines to paste the ribbons.

The 2 corner ribbons will go from left border, with free end to the right. The centre ribbon will go from right border, free end towards the left.

Stick on marked piece. Check the placement of ribbon

Take a non marked cardboard piece. Apply glue covering one surface and stick it to the other piece with the ribbons. Press firmly.

Stick the non-marked piece

Now without using any glue just change the directions of all the 3 ribbons. Thus, the corner ribbons will have the free ends towards left and centre one, free end towards right.

Again, note the direction of ribbons

Place second marked piece over the ribbons. At this point, extra help would be necessary to steady the assembly.

Again apply glue on markings and stick the ribbons, then direction change again.

Repeat the procedure, alternating between marked and unmarked pieces until the last piece is secured (last will be the unmarked one)
Cut off extra ribbon.

This is how the stack will look

Keep some weight on the structure so the glue dries well.

Now hold the topmost piece and let down the ladder. See it go swirling down, showing each decorated surface.

Hold topmost piece

Give a tap if its stuck at any point

Let the kids make funny faces or designs on the surfaces which will go cascading down like an animated story.

You can make the same with cardboards of bigger dimensions. Slip in family photos below the ribbons for a great album on a ladder.

This activity demands attention, but once ready its addictive. Do share your comments and feedback.

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