Bicarb Volcano

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Bring science into your own back yard by creating an erupting volcano.

Time: 5 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Tray or wide based bowl (you could also use the sand pit or the ground)
Red food colouring
Bicarb soda
White vinegar
A small container


Scoop sand onto your tray, and shape into a volcano shape.
Press your small container into the top.
Pour some red food colouring into the container
Sprinkle in plenty of bicarb soda

Now's the fun part, make sure everyone is ready to witness the eruption of the volcano, and slowly pour the vinegar into the top of the volcano.

The volcano will continue to erupt several times if you let the froth settle between pouring in more vinegar, this allows for all children to have a turn. Add more bicarb to keep the the volcano active.

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