Pop-Up Easter Egg Card

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A cute, creative way for your kids to wish someone a Happy Easter.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Easy

Sheets of coloured paper (at least one of them thicker if possible, so it can hold the weight of the eggs hanging off it)

Pop-up Easter Card Materials

Fold your large piece of paper in half (doing this step first lets yo see how much room you have for your eggs).

Cut out some egg shapes from the other pieces of paper. Tracing around the first one will keep them all the same size.

Pop-up Easter Card Eggs

Colour the eggs.

Pop-up Easter Card Eggs

Cut out two thin strips of paper (I cut a strip from the shorter side of an A4 piece then cut it in half again).

Place the strips in an L shape.

Fold the bottom strip over the top strip.

Repeat on each alternating side to create the spring.

Repeat four times (so you get five springs).

Glue the base of three of the springs to the eggs you've cut out.

Cut out a rectangle and write Happy Easter on it.

Glue the last springs to its back.

Glue everything to the front of the card.

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