Easter Egg Hunt Rabbits

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These cute rabbits are a fun addition to Easter Egg Hunts

Time: 5 minutes per rabbit
Age: All Ages
Level: Easy

Easter Eggs (medium sized)
Felt pens
Sticky tape

Fold a piece of a paper in half width ways, crease it closed

Take one corner of the paper, and move it diagonally across until it has made a triangle shape, leaving a rectangle shape beside it. Crease the triangle closed.

Cut the rectangle off, and set aside.

Cut the rectangle into two ear shapes, add detail with a felt pen.

Open the triangle shape. Draw a rabbit face near the top of the square. Turn the page upside down, and write the childs name near the edge.

Turn the square over, place the Easter Egg in the centre and roll the square into a cylinder. You should see the rabbit face and the childs name clearly. Use a small tab of sticky tape to hold in place in the centre.

Sticky tape the sides closed.

Slide the ends of each rabbit ear into the slight opening of the roll. Fold the ear to make it stand up, and stick the back with a little more sticky tape to hold in place.

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