Ice Fruit Bowl

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An Ice Fruit Bowl makes an unusual offering for any summer party table. Not only is it beautiful work of art, you and your guests can eat out of it and then eat the bowl itself at the end. Believe me, it is great fun smashing your fruit bowl when the time comes and older children will have lots of fun putting the fruity design together at the start - you never know how your pattern will turn out. I have used kiwi fruit and green grapes, but you could use orange slices, cherries, peaches or even flowers.

Ice Fruit Bowl with Kiwi Fruit and Grapes

Time: 10 minutes plus 3 - 4 hours in the freezer
Age: Over 10's
Level: Medium

One large and one small bowl

One large "outer" bowl
One small "inner" bowl
1 cup filtered water
1 tablespoon lemon cordial (optional)
1 Kiwi Fruit
5 Green Grapes

Arrange your fruit around the outer bowl

Thinly slice your kiwi fruit and grapes (or some other "flat fruit").
Arrange your sliced fruit neatly around the base of the "outer bowl".
Place you "inner bowl" on top of your neatly arranged fruit slices.

Pour in the water

Pour the water (mixed with lemon cordial if you wish) into the "outer bowl" in the gap between the two bowls.
Leave the "inner bowl" empty and place in the freezer for several hours (or until completely frozen).
When the ice is frozen, take it out of the freezer.
Carefully take the "inner bowl" off the ice, then take the "outer bowl" away from the ice also.
You will be let with a beautiful decorative bowl made entirely from fruit and ice.
Fill it with fruit or ice cream and serve it to mum for mother's day. Enjoy your creation.

Take the ice out of the "outer bowl"

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