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Cheap (300)      Recycled (200)      Toilet Roll (41)      Cardboard Tube (40)      Aluminium Foil (17)     
There seems to be endless uses for toilet paper rolls in kids' craft activities. This one is pretty simple and when made in bulk can lead to a whole pop group.

Time: 30 minutes (due to letting the paint dry)
Age: Any age
Level: Easy

Toilet paper roll
Paint and paintbrush
Aluminium foil
Anything small and round that you can wrap the foil around

Paint the toilet paper roll.

While the roll is drying, make the ball of foil. You can either scrunch up just the foil, or find something to wrap it around so you don't need to use so much.

I used a bath bomb, which is a little heavy, but the perfect size, while other items such as ping pong balls may also be useful

Only one layer and it's ready

Attach the ball to one end of the tube (tape it if you don't have appropriate glue).

If you like, you may want to decorate the tube. You'll need something that won't fall off easily. I just stuck some tiny stars on.

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