DIY Pirate Hook

by Lucy (follow)
Turn off the TV and tune into your own imagination. Enjoy each moment, allowing your creativity to unfold in the kitchen, craft space or in nature.
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Arrggghhh - why not top off your next pirate outfit with this perfect hook - the latest must have accessory for any budding "mateys" out there? It only costs a few cents to assemble the parts, and a few quick minutes to create, but hours of pirate themed role play are guaranteed to follow.

Pirate hook
Captain Hook's very own hook

Time: 5 minutes
Age: 5-10's
Level: Easy


1 Black garden container
1 square of aluminium foil
20 centimeters of wire (optional)

Pirate hook
Take some aluminium foil


Lay out one square of aluminium foil, and gently fold it in half.

Pirate hook
Fold the foil in half

It is optional to add the wire here, however, depending on the age of the children involved, the wire may be used inappropriately (eyes poked out etc, etc). The aluminium foil on its own is also sufficient, but will not be reinforced for hours of pirate game usage.

Pirate hook
Long hook

Roll up the foil into a long thin sausage, then curl one end to make a hook shape.

Pirate hook
Recycled garden container

Insert the foil into one of the holes in the base of the recycled garden container.

Pirate hook
Insert the foil into a hole in the base

Hold one end of the foil inside the container and you'll be looking and feeling like Captain Hook already. I was surprised by how popular these were in our house hold - perhaps even one of the most popular craft items we have ever made. (Too much repressed pirate energy I guess).

I'm sure these would be a fun Pirate Party craft activity to make too. Enjoy me hearties.

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