Sliding Pirate Spyglass

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A spyglass is essential to every pirate sailing the seas in their search for land and treasure. This spyglass is more difficult than the simple tube spyglass but the end result is a spyglass that a pirate can slide in and out, just like the real thing!

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A sliding spyglass no pirate or pirate princess should be without!

Time: 30 minutes (plus paint drying time)
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Medium

Two cardboard tubes, one needs to fit in the other
Paper cup
Popsicle stick
Utility or X-acto knife
Skull and cross bones logo and other spyglass accessories (optional)

Ensure your paper tubes are of different size. One needs to fit inside the other.

Final scope

Paint the cardboard tubes.

Final scope

After the tubes are dry, cut two slits in the larger tube, one on each side using the utility knife. Leave about 3 cm at each end.

Cut slits

In the smaller tube, cut a slit about 4-5 cm from the end to fit the popsicle stick through. Cut a matching slit on the opposite side.

Cut slits
The popsicle stick has been inserted here to show where it would go in the inside of the scope. Remove before going on to the next step.

Insert the smaller tube into the larger tube. Insert the popsicle stick completely through both tubes.

Cut slits

The popsicle stick acts as a handle and can be moved up and down the outer tube slit to extend or shorten the scope.

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Spyglass extended

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Spyglass shortened

Cut a hole in the paper cup and add glue to tube and cup. Connect the cup to the bottom of the scope.

Cut slits

Decorate the spyglass if you wish.

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Grab your spyglass and pirate gear and climb aboard your ship to set sail to the nearest treasure island!

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