Easy Spaceship

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This easy spaceship made out of few materials will surely bring the 'E.T.' to your child's room!

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Hey! What's flying there?

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Time: 15 minutes
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's
Level: Easy

Paper plate
Small plastic container, a cup or a box that generally contains sauce or pickle with take-away meal
Colours or coloured paper
Aluminium foil or glitter paper
Small LED light (optional)

Simple materials

Take the paper plate and invert it. We will be the using the side not used for eating from.

Take the small plastic container and place it in the centre of the plate. Mark its position.

With aluminium foil, decorate the plastic container slightly, leaving majority of it transparent.

Stick the container on the position marked. I preferred to retain the lid and stuck the lid portion to the plate. This way I could open the container when needed. (Why we might need to open the box is explained later)

Colour the plate in bright colours.

paper plate craft, paper plate, decorated paper plate

Stick aluminium foil on the rim of the plate.

Your spaceship is ready. It looks attractive as it is.

However for more celestial effect, just open the box and pop in the LED light. Switch it on and keep in a dark room.

View your spaceship descending from the space!

Which galaxy did it come from?

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