Tiger Paws

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Bring a bit of the jungle into the kitchen with these edible Tiger Paws and it's a great way to tempt fussy eaters. In our house, anything with tigers is popular right now, as is craft that you can make and eat all by yourself. Getting kids to make these would be a fun birthday party activity too. Today, I have used fresh sliced tomato and black olives, because my kids like to eat them, however you could just as easily use shaved ham and sliced carrots - or some other creative combination. Let me know what works best in your kitchen-jungle?

Tiger Paws
Edible Tiger Paws

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

Tiger Paws
The ingredients for Tiger Paws

2 crumpets
Sliced cheese
Vegemite (optional)
Fresh sliced tomato
6 (black) olives


Take the crumpets and lightly toast them.

Tiger Paws
Place the cheese on the crumpet

Butter the crumpets (you might wish to add Vegemite here too) and place some sliced cheese on top.

Tiger Paws
Add some tomato

Add some fresh sliced tomato and (black) olives to be the paw "pads".

Grill the crumpets (optional) to make the cheese melt around the tomato and olives.

Edible craft
Matching pair of Tiger Paws

Eat them when the "Tiger Paws" have cooled slightly and enjoy.

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