Sponge Rainbows

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Rainbows are always a popular craft for children due to the bright colours involved. This craft helps your child to learn their colours and also create a craft that they can be proud of. It's an easy craft that they can do on their own with very little parent intervention.

Rainbow craft

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Under 5's, Any age
Level: Easy

1 piece of plain paper
1 kitchen sponge or scourer (you can use an old one once it has dried out)
A mixture of rainbow paint colours.
Paint brush

Optional : Cotton wool balls, glue and glitter paint.


A kitchen scourer is a great cheap sponge for crafts

Take a dry rectangular sponge and paint rainbow stripes onto the sponge. Aim for a good coverage so that you have enough paint on your sponge.

Rainbow craft
Your colourful sponge

Rainbow craft
Load your sponge up so it's full of paint for your rainbow

Make your rainbow by pressing and moving the sponge at the same time in an arc shape. Kids don't need to be exact but a semi circle shape will give the best finished look.

Rainbow craft
Make your rainbow

If you've got messy edges, a great way to finish your craft is by adding some clouds with cotton wool balls.

Cotton wool balls make clouds and tidy up any messy edges

We also added some gold glitter glue to our craft as everyone knows that gold is found at the end of a rainbow.

Rainbow craft
Your pretty rainbow

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