How to fold a paper plane

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Fold a paper plane in just five easy steps!

Plane paper folding craft transport
Ready to fly!

Time: 5 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Rectangular sheet of paper
(Optional) crayons, felt tip pens or paints

Fold your piece of paper in half lengthwise then open it out flat again. Fold the top left corner to the centre crease.

Step 1

Fold the left edge over again, to the centre.

Step 2

Repeat both folds on the right.

Step 3

Fold the two sides together, then fold back one side to make a wing.

folding paper transport plane
Step 4

Repeat for the other wing, then fold up the edges to make wing tips!

plane paper folded
Step 5

Your plane is now ready to fly but, if you like, you can decorate it with your very own airline insignia!

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