Melting Monster

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Rahhhr!! Draw a monster then laugh as you watch it melt. A fun activity for children of all ages, which helps to develop fine motor skills.

Time: 10-20 minutes, or as long as it takes your child to draw a picture
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Piece of paper
Washable felt-tip pens
Water spray bottle

marker pens felt-tip pens paper spray bottle

Draw a monster with washable felt tips or marker pens - let your imagination go wild! The more colour on your paper the more effective the melting will be.

marker pens felt-tip pens paper spray bottle

Stick your drawing somewhere where it is safe to get it wet. We used blu-tack to fix the drawing to the bathroom cabinet above the basin.

Use the water spray bottle to squirt your monster. Be careful not to get the paper too wet or it will rip. As you squirt you should see your monster melting and the colour spreading down the page.

marker pens felt-tip pens paper spray bottle

Leave it to drip for a while then when it is dry, add it to your gallery of melted monsters.

melting monsters drawings gallery

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