Pansy Petal Butterflies

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Preserve the colour and cheer of bright pansies by turning them into butterflies! This is a great way to remember the garden all year long.


Time: 5 minutes pressing, 10 minutes activity (allow up to 2 weeks for drying)
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Easy

Fresh pansies
Plant press or large, heavy books
Paper towel or tissue paper
Black paper
Fine tip black pen

Cut pansies very close to the flower. The more stem that can be removed, the better.
Press the flowers. Use either paper towel or tissue paper between newspaper and put into a flower press or large book. It may be necessary to change the paper if you live in a very humid area. Pressing will take about 2 weeks.

Pressing flowers
University or college textbooks work great!

Once the flowers are dried, separate the petals from the main stem.

Pressing flowers

Select petals to make the butterfly wings.

Pressing flowers
Layer petals to create depth and interest.

Pressing flowers
Create larger wings by overlapping.

Cut black paper to resemble a butterfly body, add antennae and admire your new butterflies!

Pressing flowers

These butterflies would be great on a birthday card, mother's day card or thank you note. You could also try laminating to make a placemat.

Pansies are a great flower to press as they have a single layer of petals and their vibrant colours are still reflected in the dried product. Try pressing leaves or other single layer flowers such as cosmos or delphiniums to create different butterflies or other animals!

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