Cardboard Tube Racecar Set

by Mina Keenan (follow)
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cardboard tube craft,toy car
Cardboard Tube Racecar Set

Recycle those Cardboard Tubes and make a Racecar Set for those budding Grand Prix fanatics in your house.

Download a sheet of car decals and details to cut and stick onto the racecars. You get grills and trunks with room to write customised number plates or slogans, racing car stripes and stickers to write in car numbers or whatever you wish!

Time: 60 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium


Cardboard tubes
Black marker
Awl (or other pointy tool)
Brads or split pins


cardboard tube craft,toy car
Paint cardboard tubes.

Paint your tubes up in funky, bright colours.

cardboard tube craft,toy car
Mark out car details.

Make markings as shown, for the windscreen, seat and car interior.

cardboard tube craft,toy car
Make wheels.

Cut four wheels from black painted cardboard.

cardboard tube craft,toy car
My caption goes here.

Make holes in the wheels and attach them to the tube with brads or split pins.

Cut out the middle section as shown, and fold up the windscreen and seat.

cardboard tube craft,toy car
Racecar decals.

Print and cut out the racecar decals and details. Add your own writing to the spaces provided eg whose car it is or a customised numberplate, car numbers etc.

cardboard tube craft,toy car
Apply decals.

The grill and trunk details will cover the fronts and backs of the racecars and have tabs to tuck inside the cardboard tubes. Stick the details onto the cars with glue.

cardboard tube craft,toy car
Cardboard Tube Racecar Set.

Your Cardboard Tube Racecar Set is complete.

cardboard tube craft,toy car
Cardboard Tube Racecar Set.

Well done!


cardboard tube craft,toy car
Cardboard Tube Racecar Set Decals.

Download Cardboard Tube Racecar Set Decals

Have fun!


Design by Mina Keenan

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