Crayon Hearts

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This is a fun activity to do with the whole family and a really cute homeade valentine that can be shared with friends and used for many hours of colouring fun!

Time: 30 minutes including setting time
Age: 5-10's
Level: Easy

heart shaped cookie tray (oven safe)
wax crayons
coloured poster board
hot glue gun
felt marker
heart shaped cookie cutter


Peel the paper off of the wax crayons.

Break the crayons into pieces and place a variety of colours in each heart shaped mold (approx 2 crayons per mold)

WITH ADULT SUPERVISION place tray into oven at temp of 250, until melted to a liquid(don't allow to over heat or it can start to smoke)
Remove from oven and allow to cool until it returns to a solid and then the hearts will easily come out of mold.

Trace out heart shapes on coloured poster paper, cut out and write your valentine message on outer edge.

Hot glue a large glob in the centre of cut out paper and press and hold your wax heart to paper and allow to set.

Simple and always popular with our little friends plus a great way to repurpose those old broken wax crayons that are hanging around.

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