Bunnies In The Kitchen

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Turn off the TV and tune into your own imagination. Enjoy each moment, allowing your creativity to unfold in the kitchen, craft space or in nature.
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This Easter, you can involve both younger and older kids in this cute snack time bunny design. We used sliced cheese, carrots and capsicum, however, you could incorporate any favorite fruits or vegetables into the rabbit's face.

Edible Rabbits
Bunnies in the kitchen

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy


Round rice/corn crackers
Cheese slices

Edible Rabbits
Rice crackers and cheese


Butter the rice/corn crackers, then place the cheese slice on top of your rice/corn crackers to make a bunny "face" (alternatively, you could use ham slices to make pink bunnies too).

Edible Rabbits
Add some eyes and a nose

Next, cut your favorite fruit and vegetables into different shapes to make "eyes", a "nose", "whiskers" and of course the "ears". This is where you can encourage the little ones to be as creative as possible.

Edible Rabbits
Add some ears and whiskers

Serve your edible bunnies on a plate for a fun and healthy Easter themed afternoon or morning tea snack. Enjoy.

bunnies in the kitchen
Cute bunny snacks for morning tea

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