Easy Easter Chicks

by Lucy (follow)
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Kids will enjoy decorating the house with these simple Easter chicks made from painted polystyrene balls. You can find the balls and pipe cleaners at any discount variety store or craft shop.

Easter Chicks
Easter Chick Decoration

Time: 30 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy


2 polystyrene balls
Yellow paint
1 brown pipe cleaner
1 red pipe cleaner
4 blue pins


Paint the polystyrene balls all over with yellow paint.

Easter Chicks
Paint the balls

Once the paint has dried, cut the brown pipe cleaner to make two "chicken" legs for each chicken, and curl the ends around to make their "chicken feet". Insert the brown pipe cleaners into the bottom of the ball.

Easter Chicks
Make chicken legs

Shape and cut the red pipe cleaner to make a "beak", "comb" and "tail." Insert these into the balls also.

Easter Chicks
Make a beak and comb

Poke the blue pins in to make some beady chicken "eyes".

Easter Chicks Decoration
Hang the chicks around the house

Add a string to the "chicken comb" to hang the chicks around the house for some colorful Easter themed decorations.

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