Outdoor Chalk Board

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Take chalk art to a vertical space outside by making this easy outdoor chalk board! Mount it on a deck or fence and keep your chalk in a sealed pail close to the board for easy access when inspiration strikes.

Creative board

Time: 60 minutes (plus drying time for paint)
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium

Smooth plywood sheet
Exterior primer
Exterior latex (acrylic) flat black paint
Deck screws or outdoor screws

Fill any holes in your plywood sheet with wood filler.

Creative board

Sand your plywood sheet until you achieve the desired texture. I started with an 100 grit and moved up to a 180 grit. Wipe down with a cloth.
Prime your sheet front, back and sides. The primer is necessary to protect the raw wood from the elements and help the paint adhere.
After the primer is dry, sand again with 180 grit and wipe down with a cloth.
Apply the exterior flat black latex paint. At least two coats will be necessary. You may wish to sand in between coats too if you want.

Creative board
Most chalkboard paint is not meant to be used outside. I read that the exterior flat black would withstand the elements better than chalkboard paint.

I let my paint cure for 24 hours before installing outside.
Install on a deck or fence using deck screws or outdoor screws.
"Prime" your chalkboard by rubbing all over with a side layer of chalk. This will prevent scratches from chalk.

Creative board

Wipe off and let the creativity begin!


Add to the fun and make your own chalk shapes to use on your new chalkboard!

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