Mystical Forest Oil Painting For Dummies

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The thought of oil painting can be very daunting if you have never done it before. I had some oil paints lying in my drawer for ages waiting to be turned into a masterpiece. Well I'm no artist but I found out an easy way create a mini canvas for your home decor which can be easily done with kids as well.

Time: 30-35 minutes
Age: Over 10's
Level: Easy

Box of oil paints
Painting brushes
A palette of your choice
Linseed oil
Oil painting pad (this is a pad of canvas papers for beginners)
Old clothes

Lay out some old newspapers to work on.
Start by taking a page of canvas paper from the pad.
Mix the blue colour with a few drops of linseed oil.
Start by painting the sky leaving the centre and bottom of the paper white.

Paint a base just below the blue with a mixture of dark blue,black and dark green colours.You will need to mix linseed oil in all of them.

Colour the centre white circle bit with light blue.
You might need the help of a sponge to create shades.
Try to blend all of the colours together without leaving any white spots.

Colour the base with black colour.

Draw some tree trunks with dark blue using a thin paint brush.

Using a thick brush draw more tree trunks using the black coloured bit as a base.

Your painting is done. Let it dry.
You can use it as a decoartion piece, as a card or just frame it and gift it to loved ones.

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