Mummy Drinks

by Lucy (follow)
Turn off the TV and tune into your own imagination. Enjoy each moment, allowing your creativity to unfold in the kitchen, craft space or in nature.
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These Halloween themed mummy drinks are a fun and rather kooky way to get the kids in the festive mood. They would make any Halloween party just that bit more other worldly and the kids can wrap them themselves - they do always love to participate. You can buy the "googly" eyes and bandages in any discount variety store.

Poppas, Halloween
Mummy Drink ready to go

Time: 5 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy


Several bandages
Several popper drinks
Sticky tape
Craft glue
Googly eyes

Poppas, Halloween
Popper drinks and bandages


Remove the popper straws but do not put the straws into the drinks yet.

Begin to wrap the bandages around the drink containers as neatly as possible. Sticky tape one end to keep the bandages secure.

Poppas, Halloween
Wrap bandages around the drinks

Use craft glue to stick two "googlie" eyes onto the outside of the bandages of each newly created "mummy".

Poppas, Halloween
Stick on the eyes

Line up as many "mummies" as you need, then put the straws in at the very end to prevent any major spillages. Maybe these could be healthy alternative trick or treat presents? Or a surprise for kids when they return with their bags of goodies on Halloween eve? Enjoy and happy Halloween.

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