Egg Carton Bats

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A fun recycled craft activity for kids of any age: egg carton bats. Great for Halloween. Younger children may need some help along the way, but older kids should be able to complete from scratch.

Egg carton bats
Egg Carton Bat

Time: 30 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium

Empty egg carton
Black paint
Googly eyes
String or wool
PVA glue
Glitter or stickers (optional)

Egg carton bat supplies

Paint the egg carton black with black paint and paintbrush, then leave to dry
Cut three egg cups in a row with scissors

Egg carton bats
Three egg cups

Cut an arch shape out of each of the side egg cups, these will become the bats wings. Also use the sharp part of a pair of scissors to make a hole in the middle of egg cup (younger children will need assistance here).

Egg carton bats
Bat wings

Decorate the bat. We used glitter mixed with PVA glue, which dries clear so you only see the glitter. We used sequins and some children used stickers.

Egg carton bats
Decorated bat

Finally stick on two googly eyes, and thread a piece of wool or string through the middle hole and tie in a knot underneath (younger children will need assistance here).

Egg carton bats
Completed bats

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