Chef's Hat

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This easy hat is made from the most basic craft items. But beware, once it's made you'll probably be expected to actually do some cooking with your kids, so make sure you have some easy recipes up your sleeve. Have a look at some fun food if you need some inspiration.

chef hat craft paper

Time: 25 minutes
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Easy

Tissue Paper (baking paper can also be used)
Sticky tape
Paper Clip

chef hat equipment

Tape two pieces of white A4 paper together along the shorter ends.

Tape your tissue paper piece/s along the top of the paper, creating pleats every 12cm or so (I use a single piece around 40cm by 70cm, but you can use multiple pieces and just overlap them).

chef hat instructions

Fold the bottom third of the A4 paper towards the top, then fold it upwards again, creating what will be the rim of the hat (if you want a thinner rim, you can also fold it in half, then half again).

Tape the paper in place.

chef hat instructions

Curl the band around your child's head so it's inside out (with the tape on the outside). Use paper clips to close the ends at the right size.

Gather the tissue paper at the top and tape it together. It's easiest if you twist it first.

Take the paper clips off and turn the hat the right way round again.

Reseal the band, this time with tape. Remember to join the tissue paper too.

Puff out the tissue paper so it resembles a real chef's hat.

chef hat
If you have more than one child, you may want to get creative with different colours

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