Paper Plate Fish

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Make this cute little fish with your little ones using items that can be found in most homes.

Paper Plate Fish Craft

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

1 Paper Plate
Coloured Patty Pans or Muffin Cases
Sizzors (fancy or plain)

Paper Plate Fish Craft

Turn the paper plate over and draw the fish's mouth with a pen. See the photo below for a guide. The mouth doesn't need to go all the way to the centre if you don't want it to, but what you cut out becomes the tail so make sure what you mark is a good mouth and tail.

Paper Plate Fish Craft
Mark the fish's mouth on the back of the paper plate with a pen

Cut along the lines to make the fish's mouth. You can use fancy scissors if you like. Pinking shears will give the fish some teeth!

Glue the cutout "triangle" to the plate to form the fish's tail as in the picture below.

Paper Plate Fish Craft
Glue the section cut from the fish's mouth to the plate to form the fish's tail

Flatten at least one patty pan and cut it in half. The fish in the pictures has used two.

Glue the half patty pans to the fish, coloured side up, to form the fins and tail. If you only put glue on what would have been the inside bottom of the patty pan, the rest of the patty pan can be flicked up to give a 3D feel to the fins and tail.

Use a pen to give the fish an eye.

Paper Plate Fish Craft
The completed fish

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