Cardboard Shape Pictures

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cardboard shape train
A cute train made from cardboard shapes.

Using store-bought cardboard shapes, or ones you have made yourself, kids of all ages can have fun making pictures. Use them over and over again on a table or glue them to paper for a permanent picture.

Time: 10 minutes with store-bought shapes
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's
Level: Easy

Cardboard shapes. I bought a pack of 'Corrugated shapes' from an art and craft store for $4 which contains various colours and shapes. You could easily make your own out of old cereal boxes and this could be part of the activity for an older child.

cardboard shape train
Cardboard shapes in assorted shapes and colours.

Paper. Only if you want to make permanent pictures.
Craft glue. Only if you want to make permanent pictures.

Put all the shapes on a table.
If you have a young child you can talk about the shape and colour of each shape they pick up.
Older children can form realistic pictures using the shapes while younger children can have fun gluing the shapes to a piece of paper.

cardboard shape picture
Younger kids will enjoy gluing cardboard shapes to paper.

cardboard shape train
Here is a car that an older child could make with cardboard shapes.

Remember shapes can be overlapped to form new shapes. You can challenge older kids to come up with ways to make a shape they don't have using the ones they do.

cardboard shape train
A fish with a mouth formed by overlapping shapes.

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