Trendsetting Square Banded Rings

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The market for unique, trend-setting jewelry is booming and the square banded ring is one such product. Follow these steps to make your own angular ring and bring some unmatched style to those digits.

Time - 1 hour (depending on skill level)
Age - Over 10's
Level - Difficult


22-guage sheet metal
1 nail head rivet
½” round copper disc
3/8” flat round bead with a hole in the center
Any other beads you may want to add
¼” spacer
Jumbo square mandrel pliers
Flat nose pliers (Check out the best for jewelry making here)
Metal hole punch
Metal shears
Bench block
Metal file
Ring mandrel
Jewelry cleaning cloth


Prepare your metal

Cut the 22-guage sheet metal into a piece that is ¼” x 6”.
For a fancier looking ring, texture the metal with a texturing hammer or patina.
You can make the ring thicker if you prefer a chunkier look.

Bend it into a U

Get out those jumbo mandrel pliers and hold the center of that strip of metal with the small jaw.
Then bend each side of the metal against the pliers for two 90-degree angles. That is the bottom of the ring.

Cut the metal

Measuring from the bend on one side, mark the metal strip on the inside with a Sharpie at 20 mm and at 35 mm and cut it at the 35 mm mark.
Cutting metal will make it curve slightly.
Use the flat nose pliers to squeeze the end until it straightens.
File the corners to avoid cuts and scrapes.

Bend again

Bend the metal on the 20 mm by pushing the metal against the mandrel pliers the same way you did before. You should have a square with one side that juts out beyond the edges.
Repeat the cutting and bending steps (but with the other side).
After this, your metal should be closed and look like a ring.

Center, bend and punch a hole

Mark the center of the top piece of metal on the part of the ring that overlaps.
Punch a hole on the mark. You will need to bend the top piece away from the bottom piece in order to do this.
File down the bur that is created on the backside of the hole.
Bend the top piece back towards the bottom piece so that they align as closely as possible.
Then punch a hole in the bottom piece by feeding the top of the hole-punch through the hole in the top piece.
Again, file the bur.


Put the nail head rivet through the holes with the flattened side pointed towards the inside of the ring.
Slide the ring on a mandrel to hold it tight as you slide the beads onto the rivet.
After you’ve finished with the beads, cut the rivet so that it barely sticks out above the beads.
With short light taps, use a riveting hammer to flatten out the top of the rivet. Be sure the beads don’t fall off; it’s okay if they spin.

Finish it

If the ring was bowed due to the mandrel, use the jumbo pliers to squeeze the sides to remove the bowing. If you prefer, oxidize the metal.

Wear like a boss

That’s it! You’ve got yourself a trend-setting, jealously inducing ring that your kids will cherish forever.

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