Felt iPad Cover

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This is a very simple sewing pattern that we used as an iPad or other tablet computer sleeve, but you could easily use it as a little pouch or folder.

Felt, buttons, scissors
Always keep your scissors for cutting cloth and felt separate from your all-purpose scissors, and make sure no one else in the family uses them for general crafts. That will keep them sharp.

Time: 1 hour
Age: Over 10s, 5-10s with help
Level: Medium


2 sheets of felt

Felt, buttons, scissors
You could use any colour. We went for the classic black and white of Apple products

Embroidery thread
Cotton thread
Buttons and felt scraps (for decorating)

Measure the felt to fit the article you want to make a pouch for. It should be about 1.5 cms wider all around the article.

Felt, buttons, scissors
If you run out of pins, you can also use needles.

Pin the two sheets of felt together on two long edges, and one short edge, leaving one short edge as the opening.

Felt, buttons, scissors

Choose a contrasting or matching embroidery thread and sew using a running stitch around the three edges.

Felt, sewing
The red embroidery thread

Felt, sewing
This part takes some concentration

Once the running stitch is completed, tie off the ends and make sure that the cover fits properly.

Felt, sewing
It's always a good idea to keep all your equipment close to hand.

Felt, sewing

Cut the felt shapes, or select the buttons that you are going to be using.

Felt, stars
These are really simple stars made with two triangles of felt. My 8-year old managed to cut these completely by herself. I attached them together with a few stitches.

Lay out the decorations on the cover.

Felt, sewing
Initials are always a good idea to personalise an item

Sew on the buttons.

Felt, sewing
Grandma was enlisted to help with the button.

Glue on the felt.

Button, felt
It's probably a good idea to put some newspaper down, unlike me!

Button, felt
Luckily for me, my daughters both have the same initials, so they can now share the cover.

Make sure everything is secure, and then leave to dry for 24 hours.

Felt, stars

Go on and be creative. Why not leave me a note in the comments box with what you make with your felt?

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