Mini Notebooks

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These journals are practical, fun and make great handmade gifts for kids to give on days like Mothers Day. There all sorts of ways you can build on this basic design too. You can make the notebooks bigger or smaller, thicker or thinner. I've decorated my plain cover with some crayons, but possible alternatives include patterned paper or even thin cardboard.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: 5 to 10s, Over 10s
Level: Easy

Four A4 pieces of paper
One coloured piece of paper (optional)
Stapler (optional)

craft notebook materials journal

Fold each of the four plain A4 pieces of paper in half, then in half again.

paper folded craft journal

Open up the pieces of paper and cut them in half along the shorter fold.

paper folded craft journal

Collect all the paper in a bundle, each piece facing the same way.

paper notebook journal craft kids

paper notebook journal craft kids
I added an extra yellow piece to act as a cover

If you have a stapler that can reach into the middle of the journal, it's good idea to staple the paper together at this stage. Otherwise, just tie a ribbon around the middle of the bundle, so that it sits neatly in the fold. If you have enough ribbon, tie a bow on the outside, or just tuck the knot inside the journal.

paper notebook journal craft kids

Decorate the cover of your notebook.

paper notebook journal craft kids

If you want to journal to be flatter, try leaving it under some heavy books for a while.

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