Pet Rock Puppies

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These are really simple to make and even very little children can create their own pet rock puppies. We used "googlie eyes" which are very popular in our house right now, however you could just as easily use circle stickers with dots in the middle or cut out paper eyes and draw "pupils" on yourself.

Pet Rock Puppy

It is fun to make a new friend, especially if the rock/s in question are a souvenir from holidays or a recent outdoor adventure. Actually, I think the rock collecting part was the highlight for my family - wandering the beach for hours looking for the ideal puppy face.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Flat rocks

Flat rocks
Colored cardboard
"Googlie eyes" (or round stickers or cut out paper)

Googlie eyes

Collect flat smooth rocks from the beach or bush. Choose one which you can turn into a pet rock puppy.
Cut out some ear shapes to sit beneath your rock.
Glue the rock onto the already cut out ear shapes.

Glue the rock onto the ears

Glue on some "googlie eyes" (available in most discount variety stores) and a round puppy nose (we just used some left over scrap cardboard).
Draw on a mouth (optional) using a permanent marking pen, which should work easily if your rock is smooth and flat enough.
Make the whole pet rock puppy family and have fun with your hand made new toys.

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