Macaroni Pencil Pot

by Krista Jewett (follow)
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This is a great craft to create for a parent, or for someone special in your life, who can place it on their desk at home or at the office. I made one for Father's Day as a child.

Time: 15-20 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

Tin can (with a pull tab as opposed to one that you open with a can opener, so that you do not have rough or sharp edges)
Paint in various colours
Paint palate or lid
Paint brush(s)
Craft glue
Macaroni or any shaped pasta

Take the label off your empty tin can and wash it out
Paint the outside (and inside if you wish) of your can, using either one colour or your mixture of colours.

Put some macaroni on your paint palate and squeeze some paint onto them (repeat for more than one colour).

Mix the macaroni around with the brush or your finger.
After paint has dried on your can, dot some craft glue all over it (it will dry clear).
Stick the macaroni to the can.

Sprinkle sparkles all over the can, it will stick to the glue.
Let dry.

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