Recycled Inspired Fish

by Lucy (follow)
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My daughter wanted to create an underwater scene in her bedroom and something vital was missing - some fish. After a quick hunt around our home, I came up with a great plan to remedy the situation using recycled items from the rubbish bin. I find there's something so satisfying about a good bit of re-purposing.

Recycled inspired fish

These guys are so quick and easy to create - even for tiny children (who love scrunching things up). They will feel a great sense of achievement and will play for hours with their creations, "swimming" around the house and garden.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

Bag, string and paper

2 sheets newspaper
1 onion bag
2 "googlie eyes" (or two round pieces of paper)

Scrunch that paper up

Scrunch up your two sheets of newspaper.
Stuff them into the onion bag, leaving it tied secure at one end.

Stuff the paper in the bag

Tie off the other end of the onion bag with string to form the "tail".
Stick your "googlie eyes" on to each side (or tape on some round pieces of paper with black pupils in the middle)
Tie another piece of string from the fish's back so that it can "swim" around the house.

#Under 5's
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