Paper Animal Puppets

by Lisa Schubert (follow)
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These easy to make paper animal puppets are great for young children with active imaginations. Your child will have fun colouring the animal and, most importantly, performing puppet shows with their own creations!

Paper Animal Puppets
We chose to make koala bears but any animal will suit this craft.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's
Level: Easy

Crayons or markers
Popsicle sticks

Using a thick black marker, draw an animal on a white sheet of thick construction paper.

Paper Animal Puppets
Really thick paper will ensure your animal puppet remains upright.

Allow your child to colour the puppet anyway they choose.

Paper Animal Puppets
You can use crayons or markers for this step.

Cut the animals out.

Paper Animal Puppets
Try to leave a thick black border on your animal. Doing this makes your animal puppet stand out prominently.

On the back of your animal puppet, put a thick line of glue, approximately 2 inches in length.

Paper Animal Puppets
It is best to use glue that is suitable for wood, but any type of craft glue should work.

Firmly press the popsicle stick onto the glue.

Paper Animal Puppets
Press and hold the stick on the glue for a few moments to ensure it stays fixed on the puppet.

Allow the puppet to dry overnight, and then enjoy imaginative play with your child!

Paper Animal Puppets
Puppets can be coloured realistically or can be any colour your child likes.

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