Awesome Teddy Bear Skirt

Awesome Teddy Bear Skirt

Posted 2013-09-19 by MonStafollow
Here is a fairly easy way to create a skirt for a teddy bear or other soft toy. It could work with a hard plastic doll, but would require the elastic to keep it up. Kids love to play with things they have made themselves, and teddy clothes are so much fun.

Time: 30 minutes
Age: 5-10's
Level: Medium

  • Non-fraying stretch material - polar fleece is good
  • Tape measure
  • Texta
  • Scissors
  • Optional - elastic, needle and thread

  • Method
  • Measure from Teddy's tummy down as long as you want the skirt to be. Remember this number.

  • Measure around Teddy's tummy. The hole at the centre needs to be a bit smaller than this, so take off about an inch (in this case we measured 10 inches, so the circle we made was 9 inches. You need to take off more for a larger teddy, and less for a smaller one).

  • Measure in from the edge of the fabric, to make sure that the waist circle is at least your first measurement away from the edge of the fabric (otherwise your skirt will be shorter than you wanted).

  • Squish the circle a little bit if your teddy has an oval shaped tummy (look from the top down and try to match the shape - near enough is good enough). Get another person to draw dots where the tape measure sits.

  • Remove the tape measure and join the dots.

  • Measure out from your inside circle at the distance of your skirt length (the first measurement you took). Make lots of marks as you move the tape measure around the inside oval.

  • Join these marks to make a second oval.

  • Now carefully cut it out - Snip a hole in the centre of the inside oval and then cut along the texta mark.

  • Cut the outside texta mark starting from the edge of the fabric.

  • Your skirt is done! If you like, you can cut a piece of elastic as long as the second measurement, then sewing it onto the waist (inside hole). This will make the skirt a little stronger.

    You can experiment with the hem line, cutting one side longer and the other short for an asymmetric look, or cutting it square for a handkerchief hemline look (this would work better with floppy material).


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