Baby Bouquet

Baby Bouquet

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A beautiful hand crafted baby bouquet to give to an expectant parent as a baby shower gift. These bouquet's also make great gifts when visiting your friend or family member's newborn baby for the first time.

Due to the nature of this craft, it is encouraged as a parent activity, however older children could certainly help.

Time: 1 hour
Age: Over 10's, Parent Craft
Level: Medium


  • Container - basket or box
  • Newborn baby items in relevant colours - baby socks, bibs, face cloths, babygrows, etc
  • Tissue paper
  • Faux flowers and leaves
  • Rubber bands or similar
  • Scissors

  • Method

    You've probably seen baby bouquets like these before, they are filled with tiny newborn baby clothes, socks, bibs, etc that are disguised as flowers. I received a baby blue bouquet when my first son arrived, and loved the idea so thought I'd try my hand at making my own as a gift for a relative's newborn baby girl.

    Here is how:

  • Line your container with your chosen tissue paper. I found my hessian sack at a $2 store, you could also use a decorated gift box or basket. Place your tissue paper on the inside of your chosen container and push down. Cut off any excess paper you feel is not required around the rim of your container.

  • Fold some of your larger items, such as babygrows, and use to fill your the bottom of your container to give it some bulk.

  • Line your container with tissue paper and place a few of your folded baby clothes in the bottom to give some bulk before adding your flowers

    Now the fun part, rolling your baby clothes into flowers. I will show you how to make a sock flower. It's worth noting, when experimenting with my sock flowers, I found that rolling a pair of socks gave a fuller flower.

  • Roll from the toe side, in a diagonal direction:

  • Baby sock

    Baby sock roll from the toe

  • Hold in place at the bottom and fetch your rubber band.

  • Hold your rolled sock

  • Attach your rubber band where you are holding your rolled sock. I happened to have glittery elastic, you don't have to use this, rubber bands are fine as they won't be seen.

  • Attach your rubber band

  • Fold out the top of your sock flower slightly, to mimic rose flower petals:

  • Fold our your petals

  • Roll the rest of your clothes, bibs etc, roll the diagonal direction, only this time you might see more of a tulip shape than a rose. You may also need to fold the bottom half of your larger items underneath itself - double up, before adding your rubber band to hold in place.

  • Next take your faux flowers, and cut or remove the leaves if you have them on your stem. If not, see if you can buy faux leaves too, they add a touch of greenery to the overall effect of your bouquet. Cut away the stem of your flower to a point where you will be able to insert into your container.

  • Cut the stems of your flowers to fit into your container, and remove leaves

  • Now place your baby clothes flowers, faux flowers and leaves where you wish. I placed some of my smaller faux roses inside the 'tulip' bibs, and placed my baby sock flowers inside some of my larger rolled babygrows. I added leaves to the outside of my bouquet.

  • Your bouquet is done and you are ready to present your gift.

    Completed baby bouquet


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