Blobby Paint Monsters

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This is a creative way for young children to participate in incidental colour mixing, it's also a great activity for fine motor skills and shape recognition - and it's all about Monsters which is awesome!

Time: 45-60 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Medium

  • Large Easel size paper
  • Water based paint in various colours
  • PVA glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Various collage items such as: felt pieces (hair), coloured paper and card strips (arms and legs), corragated card cut into triangles (teeth) and any other items you may think will work well for creating a monster

  • Method
  • With your Tiny Artist fold the paper in half, get them to carefully line up the corners and smooth hand down the side to create a crease. Open it back up. Ask your Tiny Artist to point out where the crease or the fold of the paper is.
  • Ask your Tiny Artist to choose their favourite colours of paint (as many as they like) and squeeze the paint along the line or the crease of the paper (squeeze approx a 5cent piece or less each time).
  • Together fold the paper back over and rub gently with a hand over the top. Ask your Tiny Artist what it feels like as they do it. They will see the paint will squish and flatten as they smooth it.

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  • Open the paper back out to see a big blobby monster body. This is a good point to talk about how the colours have mixed and blended. have they created new colours? Is there a pattern?

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  • This is the really fun part - creating the monster! Using the various collage items bring the monster to life. Add hair, eyes, teeth, arms, legs (however many they like - remember it's a monster!) Use PVA to glue all these pieces down - however if the paint is really thick then the items should just adhere anyway (use glue for the eyes).

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  • As an extension, add smaller monster friends using collage shapes and items.

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