Box of Love

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The 'box of love' has been a popular gift for mum and dad for many years. It's a simple present, and a great idea if you want a present that won't cost all your pennies.

This is one way to make a box of love, but there are so many alternations you can make a unique gift filled with love.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: 5-10s, Over 10s
Level: Easy

  • Box or wooden block
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Card
  • Pen or printer

  • Method
  • First you'll need to find a box. You can generally easily find them at $2 shops. You can also use a smooth block of wood. You don't have to put anything inside the box, but if you like you can add something like rice, to add interesting sounds.

  • Measure and cut the wrapping paper to the size of the box.

  • Neatly wrap the box.

  • Tie ribbon around the box. Cut a few extra strips and add them for decoration.

  • Use a computer, or handwrite, a note with the box of love poem. One of the traditional versions is:

  • "This is a very special gift,
    That you can never see.
    The reason that it's special,
    It's just for you from me.
    If ever you are lonely,
    Or ever you're feeling blue
    You only have to hold this
    gift and know I think of you.
    You never can unwrap it,
    Please leave the ribbon tied.
    Just hold this box close to your heart
    It's filled with love inside"

  • You don't have to use that poem, you might even want to come up with your own. Just make sure it lets your recipient know that they shouldn't be opening the present.

  • Attach the card to the present using another length of ribbon, and it's all ready to go.

  • To personalise the gift you can try making your own wrapping paper. Get some craft or white paper, and use potato stamps to decorate. You can even make your own gift box to add the poem to.

    Let us know how you make your own box of love, and make sure you share your pictures!


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