Bright Parrot In A Leafy Jungle Greeting Card

Bright Parrot In A Leafy Jungle Greeting Card

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This bright parrot in a leafy jungle card is fun to make. It would make a great birthday card and will brighten up anyone's day. No artistic ability is needed and it's perfect for young children. Older children can draw their own parrot shape instead of using a picture as a starting point.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's
Level: Easy

  • Plain card
  • Green, yellow and blue paint
  • Some leaves to print with
  • Colour printout of a photo of a parrot from the Internet (or draw your own)
  • PVA white glue and brush
  • Red, blue, yellow and green craft feathers and/or small scraps of red, blue, yellow and green paper (e.g tissue paper, crepe paper etc)

  • Lots of bright craft feathers and scraps of tissue paper ready for sticking

  • Paint your card green using a brush or sponge.

  • Paint your card green any way you like

  • Add some green paint to 3 containers. Mix in some yellow paint with the green paint in one container and some blue paint in with the green paint in the second container. You should now have 3 different shades of green paint
  • Dip leaves into the different shades of green paint and lay them over your green background

  • Lift off the leaves again to reveal your leafy jungle

  • Leafy jungle ready for the parrot

  • Find a photo picture of a parrot on the Internet (Google Images has a big selection) and print out

  • Look at the different colours on the parrot and match them with your feathers, paper scraps etc
  • Cover the parrot in glue, except for the face

  • Stick feathers and other scraps of coloured paper onto the parrot, trying to match the colours

  • When dry, cut around the parrot and stick onto your leafy jungle card

  • Card ready to brighten up someones day

    For a simpler project, simply glue your parrot onto a sheet of green paper. You could also stick on a googly eye. For a more complex project, try drawing your own parrot.

    An easier version with a simple green background


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