Button Hot Air Balloons

Button Hot Air Balloons

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This is a cheat's birthday cake for those who really want to make their child's birthday cake but are not very good at baking! It's fairly simple to assemble and takes some of the stress out of last minute party preparations.

Time: 25 minutes
Age: Any age
Level: Easy

  • One plain (non iced) shop-bought sponge cake (or bake your own)
  • Jam
  • Sky blue ready to roll fondant icing (a 250g pack was just enough to cover a smallish 5" cake)
  • Small pack of white ready-to-roll fondant icing
  • Rolling pin
  • Icing sugar powder
  • Toy helicopter
  • 2 pins
  • Different colours of bright ribbon (e.g. red, green, yellow, blue, purple)
  • Glue stick

  • Ready to roll pre-coloured fondant icing and a shop bought sponge make it easy for beginners

  • Glue different colours of ribbon together in stripes, overlapping each edge slightly to create a rainbow ribbon which will wrap around the cake.

  • Spread some icing sugar powder on the tabletop and roll out the blue fondant icing until it is big enough to cover the whole cake including sides.
  • Spread jam on the outside of the sponge cake (the fondant icing will stick to this).
  • Lift the sheet of rolled out blue icing and carefully place over the whole cake. Gently press down. Don't worry too much if the sides are a little messy as the ribbon will cover this.
  • Trim excess fondant around the edge of the cake leaving half a centimetre extra border. Carefully lift the cake and tuck the ends of the fondant covering under the cake. Place the cake carefully onto a presentation board or plate.
  • Roll out white fondant icing and score a cloud shapes out using a sharp knife. Place these onto the top of the cake.
  • Wrap the rainbow ribbon around the cake and pin the ends into the cake (don't forget to remove these carefully when it's time to cut the cake and eat it)
  • Place the toy helicopter on top amongst the clouds and add candles.

  • Why not make some rainbow party bags to match the cake?

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