Car Trip Bingo Game

Car Trip Bingo Game

Posted 2013-11-09 by Vanessa Mfollow
Creating this simple bingo game for your next car trip will help get your children excited about travelling and also keep them occupied while you're on the road.

Time: 40 minutes (mainly due to all the drawing)
Age: 5-10's
Level: Easy

  • Cardboard or paper
  • Pencils
  • Ruler

  • Your materials

  • Make sure your piece of paper or cardboard is an appropriate size. If you have an A4 piece, I recommend cutting it into quarters

  • Divide each piece of paper or cardboard into a series of squares. Each horizontal and vertical row should have between 3-5 boxes, depending on the length of your trip and how long you want the game to last. If the space doesn't divide evenly, leave some leftover space at the top for a title

  • I ruled a border first

    The space then divided easily into 3cm x 3cm squares

  • Fill the boxes in each grid with pictures of objects you're likely to see on your trip, including both common and rarer items. These can be general objects like stop signs, or specific to a particular trip, like a lighthouse if you will be driving along the coast. Remember to use slightly different items on each board and make sure the arrangement is varied too

  • Fill the leftover space above each grid with a title. This can be the name of your trip or your children can just write their own names

  • On my first board, which would be for a trip through the NSW Hunter Valley, I have a sheep, a railway line, a blue car, grapesvineyard, a truck, a Give Way sign, a bicycle, a horse, a bus, a 100 speed sign and traffic lights

  • If possible, laminate the cards so they can be used again

  • Some of the items I have on my other boards include a church, a cemetery, a bridge, McDonalds and number plates from other states

  • Keep one of the pencils aside so you have something to mark each item off with while you travel. You can also use stickers too

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