Cardboard Box Race Cars

Cardboard Box Race Cars

Posted 2013-07-20 by Krista Jewettfollow
We created these box cars for my son's 4th birthday party. My husband put the main frame of the car together a few days ahead of time and then the kids got to decorate their own car at the party. We then went outside to race our cars, it was a lot of fun for the kids.

Time: 15-20 minutes to build (plus paint drying over night), 5 minutes to decorate
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

  • Cardboard box (we bought brand new blank ones at a box shop for about $1.20 each)
  • Paint and a wide brush
  • Small black paper plates
  • Very small screwdriver
  • Push pins
  • Small round stickers
  • Packing tape
  • Flagging tape or ribbon
  • Stickers, felt pens, crayons, coloured tape, anything for decorating

  • Method
  • Lay your box on the floor and paint the entire outside of the box in your favourite colour. Leave to dry.

  • To make tires, grab a small black paper plate and put a sticker in the middle.

  • Use a very small screwdriver to punch a hole in the centre of the sticker.

  • Line up the tire and then punch a hole through the box with the screwdriver.

  • Insert a push pin through the hole and fasten it on the inside of the car. Create 4 tires.

  • Turn your car upside down and fold all 4 of the bottom leaves up into the box.

  • Then fold down the 2 long top leaves of the box.
  • Tape the leaves in place.

  • Fold one of the short top leaves in half for the windshield, so that the end sticks up. This is the front of the car.

  • Leave the other short top leaf as is. It becomes the spoiler for the back of the car.
  • Make a hole on each side of the windshied and a hole on each side of the spoiler and attach some ribbon or flagging tape. These will be the shoulder straps.

  • Decorate your creation and have fun racing!!

  • For party favours, we made Mars Bar Race Cars , which went perfectly with the theme of the day.


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