Chocolate Balloon Bowls

Chocolate Balloon Bowls

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These bowls are fairly easy to make, and are great for special dinners or birthday parties. Use them if you're having an ice cream birthday party, and get the kids to make their own bowls before serving everyone some tasty ice cream.

Even older kids will have fun making these.

Time: 35 minutes
Age: 5-10s & Over 10s
Level: Medium

  • Chocolate Melts
  • Microwaveable Bowl
  • Balloons
  • Food Colouring

  • Method
  • Place your chocolate in a microwaveable safe bowl, and melt in the microwave. Put in it first for 30 seconds and then in 20 second intervals, stirring in between.

  • If you want to dye your bowls, add a few drops of food colouring and stir through. Don't add too much or it can cause the chocolate to seize.

  • Blow up balloons so they are small and round. The shape of your balloon will determine the shape of your bowl.

  • Dip the balloons one by one into the melted chocolate, push them down into the chocolate so that it coats the sides too.

  • Place balloons on a tray with baking paper, chocolate side down. This will mean that your bowls will form a base so that they are free standing.

  • Place bowls in the fridge for chocolate to set.

  • Once chocolate has set, remove from the fridge, and pop balloons using a pin or some scissors.

  • Let the balloons deflate, and then carefully peel away the balloon from the chocolate. Be careful not to squeeze the bowls too hard, they are quite delicate and could crack.

  • You might notice a small hole in the bottom of your bowl, this can be caused by pushing down too hard on the tray. it's easy to fix. Just pop the bowl back on the baking paper, and use a little extra melted chocolate to patch up the hole.

  • The bowls are now ready and can be filled with ice cream, lollies, fruit salad, or anything you wish.

  • Don't serve these at a party where people will be holding them in their hands. Chocolate tends to melt in your hands, and you'll end up with a lot of sticky-fingered children if everyone is holding their bowls.

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