Christmas Clothing Decor Crafts for Kids

Christmas Clothing Decor Crafts for Kids

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Christmas is a time that brings out the craftiness in many of us, especially young children. There is nothing better than helping a child to create a Christmas craft. Some of the most popular diy kids crafts right now are Christmas themed logos and decor for clothing that are made by children and sewn on by an adult. These easy Christmas homemade gifts are inexpensive and easy to make, and can be applied to clothing that is already owned.

One project that is super easy is a felt snowman that can be sewn onto sweaters or any other type of shirt. For this craft you will need the following colors of felt: white, black, and orange. Other colors can also be used to create scarfs, and arms if desired. The parts of the snowman can be glued on with fabric glue, or sewn on by an older child with sewing skills, or by adult.

To get started first determine how large the snowman needs to be and cut three circles to match that size out of the white felt. Cut a larger circle for the bottom portion, a slightly smaller circle for the torso, and yet a smaller circle for the head. Next, cut the eyes and buttons for the torso out of the black felt.

If the snowman is going to wear a top hat, cut a hat out of the black felt. Start the hat by cutting a thin slice that will be the brim and then guide the scissors to create a square on top of the brim. Pre-cut templates of all of these shapes pinned to the felt make it easier to cut the shapes.

Now have the child assemble the snowman using the glue, when completed this felt design can be hand or machine sewed onto any clothing item. Another neat Christmas craft also uses felt and can be sewn onto any type of hat. This design will be creating a tree out of green and other colors of felt.

First cut the green felt in the desired size and shape of a Christmas tree. Next, cut small circles or other shapes from several colors of felt, these will be the ornaments. Also, cut a small star shape out of yellow felt for the tree topper. Have the child glue the shapes into place and then sew the finished item onto a hat of choice.

Pom Poms are perfect for making a reindeer shoestring charm. Gather up brown pom poms, a small piece of red felt for a nose, wiggly eyes, and dark brown pipe cleaners or felt for antlers. First cut a strip of felt and sew or glue only at the ends onto the pom pom so that the shoe lace can be strung through it.

Have the child glue the nose, eyes, and antlers onto the pom pom and allow it to dry before installing it on shoelaces. These crafts are all fun to make and help children to spread Christmas cheer without spending much.


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