Crazy Bike Tracks

Crazy Bike Tracks

Posted 2013-09-04 by Jane Streetfollow

My daughter spotted a picture of someone biking through paint in The Little Book of Messy Play and was desperate to have a go at home. I am not shy of many messy play activities but the idea of this one was nearly too much for me. But, we tried it on a sunny day and it was actually a lot of fun. I apologise to any messyphobes whose kids might see these pictures and want to have a go too.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium

  • Long roll of paper (we bought ours in the kids section in IKEA)
  • 2 plastic bin bags
  • Paint
  • Plastic ride-on bikes/trikes
  • Tape (optional)

  • Method
  • This activity is best done outside on a sunny day, ideally somewhere which can be hosed down easily afterwards!
  • Lay out a long roll of paper. We made ours two sheets wide to make sure the bike tracks would stay on the paper. Weigh down with stones along the length to stop it blowing away.

  • Bike track ready for paint

  • Cut open two plastic bin liners. At the start of the paper run lay the plastic down and ideally tape it down. The plastic section needs to be longer than the ride-on bike.
  • Squirt paint over the plastic bin bag section.

  • Put the bike at the start of the painty plastic section and let the kids go!

  • At the end of the paper track, carry the bike back to the start and repeat with different colours of paint.
  • Try different sorts of vehicle.

  • Rideon airplane ready for the runway

  • You will make interesting prints on the paper. We cut ours up and stuck onto blank card to make some unique greeting cards.

  • Cool prints

    We made a unique greeting card

    Are you brave enough to try this? Share your experience in the comments section.

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