Cute Bunny Bunting

Cute Bunny Bunting

Posted 2014-04-08 by smitafollow
Fingerprint art is always so much messy fun for little kids. This Easter art creates three different designs that you can use to create simple art work, or even to cut out to go on your Easter cards. Kids will love getting their fingers covered in paint, and will enjoy the cheeky little designs that they can make. Parents will need to assist with the final details on the fingerprint creations.

A great Easter art display

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Under 5's will have the most fun with this
Level: Easy

  • Plain paper
  • Yellow paint, pink paint and orange paint. We used water colours for ease of use, but you could use poster paints too.
  • Some felt tip pens; orange, black and green.

  • If you are making an Easter card, or art display you will also need a glue stick and some card.

  • For the chick, get your child to dip their finger in the yellow paint and create a vertical finger print. Then get your child to load up their finger with yellow paint again, and do another finger print, but make this finger print horizontal to their first print (towards the bottom). This creates the chicks body.

  • First a vertical print, and then a horizontal print

    Parents then just need to add on legs and eyes with a black pen, and also a beak with an orange pen.

    Just add the detail to finish your chick

  • For the rabbit, just ask your kids to choose their bunny's colour (we chose pink), and then all they need to simply do is load up their finger and create some vertical finger prints.

  • Easy and simple to create

    Parents then just need to add some bunny ears, legs, whiskers and a nose shape.

    The bunny is made

    Fluffy bunny tails are optional dependent on your artistry skills.
  • For the carrot, just ask your child to load up their finger with orange paint and do a line of finger prints starting with a big smudgy print on top, and finishing with just their finger tip at the bottom.

  • A carrot for the bunny.

    All parents need to do at the end is add two flicks of green for the carrot's leaves.

    Kids will love getting their fingers messy.

  • These creations make a great Easter display that also preserves the size and shape of your kid's fingerprints at a certain age.

  • This is a cute little Easter card

  • If you are making an Easter card, simply cut out the design of your choice (when it is dry) and glue onto some card, adding on a Happy Easter message.

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