Decorative Angel

Decorative Angel

Posted 2013-11-27 by Sarah Bfollow
This is a fun and satisfying paper craft using simple materials that kids can create on their own.

The finished product is a decorative angel which can be hidden in a tree or used as a display. Great for Christmas time on the mantle piece as an understated home made decoration or as a paper doll for extended play.


When it's not Christmas time, she can easily be converted into a fairy using different colours and perhaps a little glitter on the dress!

You can choose to leave the faces blank, or fill them in with as many details as you like - it's up to you and you are only limited by your own imagination.

As a note, there is a fair bit of cutting involved in her creation, which is why this one gets a medium rating and not an easy one. She is relatively easy to stick together but younger kids will get lots of practice at cutting out which is great for those fine motor skills that need to be developed for handwriting, so this is a great way of keeping those skills in over the holidays.

Time: 30 minutes to an hour if more are made
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Medium

  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen

  • Method
  • Cut the paper into postcard size if it isn't already (1/4 A4 Sheet).

  • [Image2]

  • Take the top two corners of the first piece of paper and glue them together with a dot of glue at the back.

  • [Image3]

  • Next, draw out the shape of wings and cut them to size.

  • [Image4 Wings]

  • Glue the wings onto the back of the angel. If they are folded back on their middle line, they will tilt at a nice angle.

  • [Image5 Wings glued on]

  • Next draw and cut out a head shape from the leftover wing paper. If you are feeling confident, you can even try cutting it freehand.

  • [Image6 Head]

  • Glue the head on to the front and you're done.

  • [Image7 Done!]

  • Now you can make as many as you like in different colours and use them as decorations, put them on a tree or in another interesting spot around your house!

  • [Image8 Have fun!]

    [Image9 You can even put faces on them if you like]


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