Decoupage Eggs

Decoupage Eggs

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Decorate blown or hard boiled eggs creatively using pretty patterned gift wrap.

Time: 1 hour
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

  • Hard Boiled Eggs (younger children)
  • Blown Eggs (older children)
  • Plastic syringe (available from Chemist)
  • PVA Glue diluted with water
  • Shallow bowl for glue mixture
  • Sheets or Roll of Gift Wrap (thinner the better)
  • Old paintbrush or foam brush
  • Newspaper to cover work area (this is messy)

  • Instructions
  • Blow out the eggs by making a small hole at one end of the egg using a pin or needle. Insert a plastic syringe into the tip of the egg and suck out all of the inners of the egg. Fill the syringe with water and clean out the inside of the egg thoroughly. Allow to dry out completely before decoupaging.
  • Tear or cut small pieces from the gift wrap (young children can tear simple shapes whereas older children may prefer to cut out the shapes they want)

  • In a shallow bowl, mix a liberal amount of PVA glue with water (half and half consistency)
  • Dip the pieces of gift wrap into the glue mixture and carefully place onto the hard boiled egg, smoothing out any wrinkles with your fingers or use a paint brush/foam brush instead. The glue will dry clear so you want the paper pieces to be totally submerged in the glue mixture.
  • Cover the entire egg with the pieces of gift wrap which can be overlapped. Keep smoothing out wrinkles as you go and try to drag excess glue off the egg onto the sheet of newspaper using your fingers or brush. The blown eggs are very delicate so be careful when applying the paper. These will keep forever whereas the hard boiled ones will need to be thrown out after a few days.

  • Allow egg to thoroughly dry
  • Paint on a final layer of undiluted PVA glue to create a nice shine on the finished egg.

  • Other Suggestions for Decoupage
    Instead of gift wrap you could use old magazines, scrap book papers, children's drawings or doodles, hand-written notes, newspapers, tissue paper, comics etc Experiment with combinations of these on the eggs.


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