DIY Jewellery or Cake Display Stand

DIY Jewellery or Cake Display Stand

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This project would be considered a parent craft, or for the over 10's as it involves glass.

It is an upcycle project which takes the old and gives it a repurpose, using unwanted glassware and turning it into an effective jewellery or cake display stand.

Time: 30 minutes to do, but involves overnight drying time.
Age: Over 10's
Level: Medium


  • A patterned flat glass plate and drinking glass, you could also use a candlestick instead of a drinking glass. I picked these up from my local op shop (thrift store) for 10c each. Please do the same, there is no need to buy new, glassware is found in abundant throughout second hand shops.

  • thrifted glass plates and drinking glasses

  • Strong glue suitable for glass from a hardware store

  • Super strong glue, check suitability for glass

  • Acrylic spray paint. Any colour you like, flouro works well, I used magenta.

  • Spray paint

  • Old newspaper to spray onto
  • A heavy object (i.e book)

  • Method
  • Wash and dry your glassware.

  • Match up your pieces for your favorite looks, make sure they fit well together.

  • Glue the top of your drinking glass to the bottom of your flat glass plate, I found placing glue around the inside rim of the drinking glass worked best. Do this upside down, like so:

  • Glue glassware

    Not shown, but at this point I also placed a small hardback book on top of the upside down drinking glass, and left to dry overnight.

  • Spray paint your glued glassware, I coated a number of times (leaving to dry in the sun inbetween each spray) until I was happy I could not see any gaps.

  • Spray paint

    There is no need to spray paint the top of the plate, the colour will show through the underneath of your sprayed glassware. Leaving the top without colour means it can be wiped clean without the worry of paint removal.

  • Leave to dry overnight, and you are done and ready to display!

  • Dried spray paint

    Display jewellery, biscuits, cakes, sweets etc


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