DIY Mardi Gras Mask Tips

DIY Mardi Gras Mask Tips

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Is your kid preparing for a Mardi Gras event or costume party? There are lots of easy DIY mask projects for creative children, so whether yours is 3 or 10, the following guidelines will help both of you craft the most inventive masquerade disguises.

Putting your imagination to the test

Before starting the creation of the mask, you should decide on a pattern, size and shape. There are plenty of resources you can use to get your inspiration from, such as Venetian masks , masquerade or Halloween masks, superhero masks, and so on. Note that children can be picky at times; yours might want a certain pattern now and a different one tomorrow. Hence, you should have more than one at hand. Princesses, cats or superhero masks with Spiderman and Batman are always popular. After you’re selected a type, the making process can begin.

Items you need for the DIY project

DIY projects usually involve a lot of creativity, especially when kids are involved in the process. Purchase a few ordinary black masks from the supermarket made of plastic (they’re usually very cheap and unappealing); have glue, colorful feathers, beads, adhesive stickers, scissors and tape close by. Let the kids use their imagination to make their own disguise; by allowing them to make personal selections, you foster their resourceful spirit and the end result will be exactly what they wanted in the first place.

Fun ideas for Mardi Gras crafts

As opposite to adults, who are not that crazy about super colourful masks, kids believe that color is what makes a disguise unique. Nothing can really match with the beauty and opulence of brilliantly decorated masquerade masks. It’s not just because they’re bejeweled creations covered in rhinestones and glitter, but also because they compliment perfectly any type of costume party. Little girls who want to dress like cute princesses for Mardi Gras might want their masks to look as bright and as shiny as possible. Make sure you’ve got plenty of glitter on your hands as well as colorful feathers. To complete the outfit, make your daughter a nice tiara and she will feel the most beautiful princess at the party.

The simplest ideas are the most useful

Kids love masquerade and costume parties because they get to have fun, dance, play catch, and bond with the rest of the kids. They need to have their hands free; after you’ve crafted the perfect mask for your toddler, use a ribbon or a plastic band to tie it behind their backs. Thus your kid will have plenty of freedom to eat and drink, dance and run in circles having a good time with everyone else.


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